“There was a lot that I still wasn’t sure of, but there were three things that I would bet my life on. One, the darkness had finally found me. Two, the war between the dark and the light had begun, and three, the leader of the Dark Army just moved in next door.”

On his 18th birthday, high school senior, Lucas Aarons, is told that he is the leader of the White Army. He thinks it’s a joke until the powers of evil begin to haunt his dreams, forcing him to wake up and fight for those he loves and all that he knows is right. The white birthmark that encircles his wrist begins to glow. It’s getting more and more difficult to fly under the social radar. School becomes a gauntlet of black, white and the coasting “greys” who have yet to choose. Music moves from a passionate hobby to a calling and a mission. A class is no longer just a class. A date is no longer just a date, and the stakes are raised to a whole new level.



Alex MacNaughtan should not be alive. Thrown into the icy loch as a young baby, Alex was surreptitiously saved by a member of clan Murray and raised as one of them. Haunted by his entrance into this world, Alex has set himself on a mission to find his real father and gain back the MacNaughtan lands seized by James Campbell. Loyal to the Jacobite cause, Alex along with members of clan Murray travel to Northumberland to establish a Jacobite headquarters using a brothel as their front.
Katherine and Michael Sutherland, who as children witnessed their parent’s brutal deaths by Scotsman and were forced to move to their grandfather’s estate in Northumberland, have grown into vibrant adults known for their beauty and kindness. Katherine becomes alarmed to discover that Michael is plotting to avenge their parent’s deaths by outing the secret Jacobite meetings. One evening while following Michael, Katherine runs into the most beautiful man she had ever seen, Alex MacNaughtan.
Alex fights for his country’s freedom and struggles with his own self worth but when in the presence of Katherine, forgets all else but her beauty. Michael won’t rest until Scotland suffers for his personal loss, no matter the cost and Katherine, helpless against Michael’s ever spanning hatred finds herself in her own tangled web of passion and desire.
From Northumberland to the Highlands of Scotland, Sweetest Confection is a journey of three souls struggling to secure their foothold on this earth.